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Agricultural enterprise "The saffron of Madonnino of the hills of Lucca"


The agricultural company "The saffron of Madonnino of the hills of Lucca" was born from the passion for saffron of our three friends: Ilaria, Maurizio, Ugo.


By combining ideas and resources, we have created this project which gave its first harvest in 2018.


Why this passion for saffron? It is a spice, coming from the East where it is cultivated massively, which tells a fascinating world. Saffron, Crocus Sativus, Red Gold for its value, has a unique color, aroma, and taste.


Unquestionably known, it is sought to be used in refined dishes.


Our company was born in a corner of Tuscany: the hills of Lucca, land rich in history and traditions, sun and pure air.


We were born "sottovoce", renting land from an elderly farmer who, as often happens in the countryside, has the nickname Madonnino. Here is the soil and here is the name for our saffron: "The saffron of Madonnino from the hills of Lucca".


Our will is to maintain and respect the ancient traditions, creating a strictly natural product, from the careful selection of the purchase of bulbs, to the processing of the land, to the harvesting of flowers during the early hours of the morning, to drying the precious stigmas .


We want to create a unique and recognizable product: we want to make "our" saffron.

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